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Tidelift subscription

Pug and the maintainers of thousands of other packages are working with Tidelift to deliver one enterprise subscription that covers all of the open-source you use.

If you want the flexibility of open-source and the confidence of commercial-grade software, this is worth looking at.

The Tidelift Subscription manages your dependencies for you:

The end result? All of the capabilities you expect from commercial-grade software, for the full breadth of open-source you use. That means less time grappling with esoteric open-source trivia, and more time building your own applications – and your business.

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Tweak Pug to meet specific requirements. Give us a summary of your needs and we’ll help you if we can.

Note that work must be Pug related. We don’t accept general development work. Our contracting price is $200/hour or $1,500/day.

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